This forum is provided for the exclusive use of the Konami Judge Program. Here you can ask questions on card rulings, game mechanics, tournament policy, player management, and receive official answers from KDE employees.

To use this forum, you must have passed the RC-1 test [Link to Judges’ Corner on webpage] and must be registered as a member of the KDE Judge Program. If this applies to you, you can sign up for this forum here. Upon registration, you will need to provide your full name, COSSY ID, home store, shirt size, and a username.

Please note that your username for this forum must follow the format “[First Name]_[Initial]_[Last Name]_[City]_[XYZ]”. XYZ represents three random characters of your choice, to help differentiate between judges with the same name. You are not required to add these three extra characters, but it is recommended.(for example, “Falko_Görres_Frankfurt_A11”) to ensure that forum members know who they are talking to; pseudonyms are not allowed. Once you have completed the sign-up process, a KDE staff member will validate your registration and activate your account. This can take a few days, and you will be informed via e-mail when it is completed.

In order to remain a member of this judge-only forum, you will be required to abide by all forum rules.

If you have questions about the Konami Judge Program, about this forum or about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game in general, please contact us at us-judgesupportop@yugioh-card.com (North and LatinSouth America) or at yugioh@konami-europe.net (Europe + Oceania).

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